Leas Lift And The Lockout Escape Rooms

The Folkestone Leas Lift is a grade II* listed funicular railway that carried passengers between the seafront and the promenade in Folkestone, Kent. Originally installed in 1885 and carried 2,389 passengers on the first day! It is one of only three remaining water-balanced lifts in the UK, and the only remaining cliff lift in Folkestone (there was once two more along the Leas); The Metropole Lift and the Sandgate Hill Lift.

The Leas Lift buildings and scale drawings were by Reginald Pope of Guildhall Street who went on to design the Leas Pavilion, opening in 1902.

The lift operates using water and gravity and is controlled from a small cabin at the top of the cliff. It has carried more than 36.4 million people since it opened and in an especially energy-efficient process. The lift has a very small carbon footprint, as it emits no pollution and recycles all of the water used to drive the cars.

Sadly, in January 2017, the lift again closed temporarily, following an HSE inspection which determined that a secondary fail-safe braking system must be installed before the lift could be re-opened safely.

A new company, the Folkestone Leas Lift Company (FLLC) was set up as a community interest company with funding from the Radnor Estate and the Roger De Haan Charitable Trust. The FLLC aims to raise funds to help repair the lift and to create and implement a sustainable long-term plan for its operation.
Because this Escape Room contributes financially to the restoration of the Leas Lift, this means you are helping too!


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