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Will you attempt to foil a fossil fiasco, meddle with modelling or tinker with teleportation troubles.

We can’t wait to welcome you to your next adventure.

Jurassic Journey

Difficulty: 9/10. Recommend: 3-6 Players.

Terra Claw is an organisation involved in the search for fossils for scientific purposes. They are also employed to manage all aspects of the museum operated by SPAN (Société Paléontologie Anciennes et Nouvelle), the world renowned French Not For Profit paleontology specialists. However, concerns have been raised about missing inventory and you have been hired to investigate what is going on.  On the pretext of visiting the museum to see the skeleton of the “Deinonychus“and fossilised dinosaur eggs, you must delve behind the facade of the overly friendly curator, the eccentric Professor Carl Water.

Your Jurassic Journey starts at the Professor’s office where you need to uncover the secrets that await you. With the Professor out to lunch you have just one hour to gain access and carry out your investigation. Can you solve the mystery surrounding the Professor and find out just what is going on at the museum before he returns and catches you?

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Blank Canvas

Difficulty: 7/10. Recommend: 2-6 Players.

Russell Reynolds is one of the most celebrated photographers of our time. However, his recent behaviours appear to be not that typical of a well-known photographer. This erratic behaviour has come to our attention at the agency but until we gain access to his home, our uncertainty can find no truth. So we have hired you… a new team of investigators to unmask the true reality of Mr Reynolds’ world.

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Interdimensional Detention

Difficulty: 7/10. Recommend: 2-6 Players.

Detention, again. That sucks!

The Prof has caught us not paying attention and not doing well enough with our school work and called us in to spend a boring hour doing something of no value like “Write an essay on Why The Sky is Blue?” or “If You Were A Colour What Would You Be?”

Same old format, shuffle into his untidy, cramped room and write down meaningless words and hope the clock ticks quicker than usual so we can be outa there ASAP.

But, wait a minute, this is very different. The Prof is even more distracted than usual and he seems to be in a real hurry to get somewhere, leaving us to do something really important that will earn us better grades. But exactly what is he asking us to do? Is the task out of this world? Intrigued? Step inside and learn more about the challenge he has left us.

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