What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room is an immersive, real-life adventure game. You are given a time limit (normally 60 minutes) to find clues, solve puzzles and unravel the mystery of the room and escape. There are many themes to choose from and no escape is ever the same. 

Am I actually locked in?

Whilst the games are fully immersive and intended to give you a sense of escapism in the chosen theme, you are never locked in. If you ever need a break, the door remains unlocked at all times and you can come and go as you please. Be wary though, the clock doesn’t stop. You’ll always be in contact with your games host who is on hand to come and help. 

Is it scary or claustrophobic?

Don’t worry, anything more than mild peril is enough for us. Think Scooby Doo levels of peril… all our games are designed to be fun and you shouldn’t ever feel scared or claustrophobic. 

What about Covid-19?

We  actively implement processes to keep our customers safe. We will be following all government advice regarding indoor activities. We are running fewer games and using a sanitising mister between rooms which kills Covid-19 on surfaces. All our staff wear face coverings and we ask customers to do the same. Sanitiser and face masks are available and we ventilate each room to recycle the air between each booking.  

During Covid we are asking all customers to arrive at their exact time to minimise any cross over between customer groups. We ask that if any of your team have symptoms please do not attend your booking. Please call us to reschedule before your booking start time.

Do you have parking?

We are located on Sandgate Road, which is the town’s main High Street where there is plenty of parking if you are booking for an evening after 6pm. For day time escape room games there is a large Sainsbury’s car park 2 minutes away. 

Is there a time limit?

You have 60 minutes to complete your adventure. If you don’t quite make it, our escapologists will be on hand to help you get out!

Do you have an age limit?

Children are welcome to play, but we would suggest 12 as a minimum age. Whilst some young people do extremely well in our rooms, an adult can sometimes help to keep young groups focused so we would ask that any children under 16 are accompanied by an adult. We are also developing some puzzles and activities specifically for primary aged children so watch this space. 

Is there a maximum team size?

Yes, we have a maximum of six players per team in our rooms, albeit both could accommodate an extra player if you don’t mind getting cosy. If you have a large group, we would recommend you split your team between the games and see who can escape quickest!


Whilst we are not yet fully accessible, we will do our best to accommodate any needs so please contact us on 07871 643654 if you have any concerns or questions. Some adventures contain smaller spaces and lights… (and 9ft prehistoric skeletons!) which can be removed or bypassed with prior notice. If you can give us as much notice as possible, we can normally accommodate most requests.

Do I need to be physically fit?

Our rooms do not require any heavy lifting or major physical exertion, but plenty of mental exertion! You may have to bend down or kneel to unlock a puzzle. Please be aware that due to the nature of the activity, you are likely to do things quite quickly which may be tiresome for some. If you are unsure about any part of the rooms, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this in advance for your peace of mind. Please note, we do have stairs to our rooms.  

What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothing. We would suggest avoiding baggy clothes that may get caught on objects as you try to escape. 

What if I am running late?

Due to the live nature of our games and their popularity, we ask that all team members arrive at least fifteen minutes before their booking. The added benefit is that we have plenty of games for children and big kids alike. If the team have arrived and one person is late, we can let them join the adventure, but we are unable to delay the start of the game for them. We will always do what we can to accommodate, and if you are going to be late, please do call ahead and we will see what we can do.

What if I need to change or cancel my booking?

Please note Escape Rooms are live events so we cannot cater for last minute cancellations. We understand plans can change so we do allow cancellations and refunds in certain circumstances which are outlined below.

If you need to cancel, and you let us know at least ten days before the game we can do this without charge (other than a booking fee of £2). If it is less than ten days before the game, we can rearrange to move the booking to another date with no charge, or provide a refund less a deposit of £15 per booking. 

We are unable to offer a refund if a cancellation is less than seven days before the booking. As with everything please call us to discuss and we will always try and accommodate an alternative date, but we would ask you to understand that the closer to the booking, the more difficult this is. 

How am I supporting the Leas Lift?

All profits from the Leas Lift Lockout will be donated to the restoration of the Leas Lift. If you would like more information on the Leas Lift project, please visit their website (www.leaslift.co.uk) or ask our Games Hosts who will be happy to help.

If you have any other questions or concerns or requests that we haven’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and our team will be very happy to assist.